Stargazer Lilies Care

The Stargazer lily is a gorgeous plant specimen and graceful addition to any landscape. The Stargazer lily is not only incredibly beautiful, but hardy and very easy to grow. The Stargazer lily will bloom for 15-20 days and spread pleasant sweet scent.

The Stargazer lilies should be planted in either spring or in the early fall. Plant the Stargazer lilies in full sun to partial shade in compost rich, well-drained soil. Planting on the West side is a good idea where they can receive ample sunshine, but less afternoon and late day heat. It is a good idea to plant the Stargazer lilies in groups of 3-5 plants, about 4-6 inches deep. Space them 6 to 12 inches apart, keeping groups 3 to 5 feet apart.

Once the Stargazer lilies bulbs are planted water them, keeping the soil moist. Water thouroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch. Do not allow your Stargazer lilies to stand in water. In a soggy soil the Stargazer lilies are likely to rot.

The bulbs start to sprout in early spring. Once new growth appears, feed the plant with fertilizers.

Once the Stargazer lilies have flowered, the flower petals will start to fall off. You can detach flowers from the plant but leave the stems with leaves.

When the foliage starts to turn yellow, it is time to cut the plant back to the level of soil and cover it with 3-4 in layer of old foliage. This would serve as a protective blanket for the bulbs to survive the winter.

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