Stargazer Lily General Information

The Stargazer lily is considered one of the most significant flowers in the world. This showy flower is bursting with fragrance and color.

The Stargazer lily is an oriental hybrid lily. It was introduced to the world in 1978 by Leslie Woodriff, a lily breeder from California. He named it “Stargazer” because the flower blooms towards the sky. Within several years, the Stargazer lily has become the most popular oriental lily in the world and used extensively by the florals in flower arrangements and bouquets.

The Stargazer lily is a perfect addition to any floral bouquet. Their beauty and intoxicating aroma is what make them so popular for inclusion in wedding bouquets. A bridal bouquet of Stargazer Lilies will perfume the wedding day. The Stargazer lilies are suitable for all kinds of occasions. Delicate, bold, and fragrant all at once, they can say Congratulations, I’m Sorry and express sympathy.The flower meanings traditionally associated with Stargazer Lilies are innocence and purity, but the more modern meanings are honor and aspiration. Pink Stargazer Lilies are considered to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The Stargazer lily is a remarkable garden plant. Caring for Stargazer lilies is a simple task. The Starzager lilies are hardy in zones 4-9. They will bloom the first summer after planting. This hybrid blooms earlier than many other oriental lilies. Usually the Stargazer lilies bloom in mid summer.

The Stargazer lilies have straight and stiff stems with large, waxy, bowl-shaped six petaled flowers. The Stargazer lilies are heavily scented and come in colors, like, pink, red, and white. These lovely flowers are bold in color, as the edges of the petals are usually white and the inner part of the petals has pink hues. Each bloom is freckled lightly in red. Generally there are four to five stunning flowers per stem.The flowers open over a two-week period.

The Stargazer lilies carry a large amount of sticky orange pollen, which, as the flowers mature, drop and stain whatever toches them (clothing, carpeting and table covering). Therefore, it is important to remove the stamens in the Starzager lily.

It probably will come as a surprise to many people that these beautiful flowers toxic to cats. Most cat owners know little about the danger these lovely flowers pose to cats. The Starzager lilies can cause kidney or liver failure, seizure, or even death.

Gardeners should keep cats away from the Stargazer lilies by planting them in areas difficult for cats to access. For other pets and humans these flowers are not toxic.

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